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Safe & Effective Testing Methods

Casing & Tubing

Quality casing and tubing is needed to keep borehole stability and control well pressures when drilling and during production. Star Pipe service can perform any of the following nondestructive testing techniques on your casing and tubing to ensure a successful well. 

  • 4-Point EMI full length tube inspection

  • VTI (Visual Thread inspection)

  • FLD (Full Length Drift)

  • SEA (Special End Area)

  • API thread gauging

  • Pipe tallying

For 4-point EMIs, our team can work with size capabilities of 2 3/8" tubing to 5 1/2" casing. 

Clean, Visual & Drift (CVD)

Star Pipe Service Video

We have capable crews available to take care of your clean, visual, and drift needs at the drilling sites, before running the pipe into the well.


Our size capabilities for clean, visual, and drifts are 2 3/8" tubing to 20" casing. 


We can also make special drifts based on customer specifications. 


API drifts will be used unless otherwise specified by the customer.


Star Pipe CVD Video

Tubing & Casing Set-Up

Racking Casing Doc CVD.jpg
Racking Inspection Image CVD.jpg
Proper Setup Doc Image CVD.jpg
Clean Visual Drift
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