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Please Read Carefully

Services are performed upon the following terms and conditions unless otherwise stated in writing on the customer’s purchase order, work order, or other document.

In the performance of services by Star Pipe Service, it is agreed that Star Pipe Service shall be and remain an independent contractor.


Customer hereby authorizes Star Pipe Service to perform grinding on the Customer’s equipment and/or materials. The Customer shall indemnify and hold Star Pipe Service harmless from any and all liability resulting directly or indirectly from such grinding.


The schedule for prices for services performed is for services under normal conditions.


Inspection results represent good faith opinions only and are not to be considered warranties or guarantees of quality, classification, or usability.


Star Pipe Service liability in connection with the services performed shall be only to the Customer and this liability shall be limited to re-inspection or to issue a credit for the invoice amount of the job, if the inspection is found to be defective as a result of Star Pipe Service’s negligence. No claim with respect to services performed shall in any event be allowable against Star Pipe Service. It is expressly understood that Star Pipe Service shall not in any event be liable for any special or consequential damage. Should the Customer deem the work of Star Pipe Service defective, Customer should immediately notify Star Pipe Service so that Star Pipe Service may investigate and determine the cause of such failure.


Failure to enforce any or all of the above terms and conditions in a particular instance, or instances, shall not constitute a waiver of or preclude subsequent enforcement. Work is considered acceptable unless a claim is made within sixty (60) days after job completion.


Drill pipe which has just been inspected and found free of cracks may develop cracks after a very short additional service through the addition of damage to previously accumulated fatigue damage. (API RP 7G 10.3)


Prices are subject to change without notice.

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