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Drill Pipe Inspection Specialists

On Par with Industry Standards

Star Pipe Service has state-of-the-art tube inspection equipment to meet API inspection requirements or third party inspections, including full-length wall thickness measurement of the pipe tubes.


Comprehensive Used Drill Pipe Inspection

Category I

  • Visual OD and ID of Tube:      

    • OD:  Crooked, Pits, Cuts, Dents, Raised Metal, Slip Crushing, Stretch, Swelling, Cracks,

    • ID:  Plugged, Corrosion, Pits, Scale, Coating Condition

  • Visual Connections:  

    • Weight and Grade Marks, Hard Band, Box and Pin Threads, Shoulders, Bevel, Box Swell, Pin Profile

Category II

  • Visual Tube:  Category I Plus OD Gage Full-Length and UT Wall Thickness

  • Visual Connections:  Category I Plus Dimensional 1

  • Dimensional I: Measure Tong Space, Box OD, Box Shoulder Width, Pin ID

Category III

  • Category I and Category II Plus Star Tube Scan Inspection (Electromagnetic I)

  • (Same as API RP 7G Standard Rack Inspection)


Category IV

  • Category III Plus MPI Slip Areas and Upset Areas

  • Dimensional 2:  Dimensional I Plus Measure Box Counterbore Diameter, Box Counterbore Depth, Box Seal Width, Bevel Diameter, Pin Base Length and Check Shoulder Flatness. 


Category V

  • Category IV Plus UT Slip/Upset Area (Blacklight Connections Optional)

  • Electromagnetic 2:  Same as Star Tube Scan Plus Full-Length Wall Thickness

  • Electromagnetic I May Be Substituted For Electromagnetic 2

Family - Owned & Operated


Star Pipe Drill Pipe Inspection


Ultrasonic NDE**

Our trade name for ultrasonic inspection of the slip/upset areas on drill pipe is called "Ultra-Scan." This equipment was first designed in 1992 by J.C. Houck. It was built, developed and perfected here at Star Pipe Service.


This inspection is to detect transverse flaws on the inside and outside surfaces of the tube or imperfections within the pipe body wall. The area inspected is 2 feet from the pin upset and 3 feet from the box upset. Not only does our precise Ultra-Scan inspection equipment find and pin point cracks; it will also locate pinholes, porosity, inclusions, mill defects, etc. for evaluation and prove-up.


When performing this critical inspection process, it is necessary to remove dirt, grease, and excessive rust from the outside surface of the areas to be inspected. Sometimes pressure washing, the use of wire brushes and in extreme cases sandblasing may be required to insure accuracy of inspection. 


Ultra-Scan inspection is typically done in conjunction with a full-length drill pipe tube scan (CAT 5),

however it can be a stand alone inspection service upon request. 


Don't fret! Star Pipe Service's expert inspector's can ease your conscience about your slip/upset areas. Give us a call.


**(NDE) Non-Destructive Evaluation

Use of Handheld Ultrasonic Instruments

  • Preliminary wall thickness measurements for drill pipe inspection

  • Prove up of located imperfections

  • Thickness measurements of miscellaneous equipment

  • Defect detection

Ultrasonic NDE
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