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Other Quality Services

Shoulder Refacing

Star Pipe Service's inspection units carry all the most popular connection sizes for immediate resurfacing of field repairable damages to drill pipe and drill collar shoulders.


We have tools on the shelf for most API connections that might be used, ranging from 2 3/8" to 7 5/8" sizes.


Refacing is accomplished by the use of machined and threaded tools, which have a shaft that is rotated on bearings by using a large grinder. Abrasive paper removes damage leaving a smooth surface for proper sealing of shoulders. 


When refacing shoulders properly, it is important that shoulders are square and a minimal amount of metal is removed during resurfacing. Our qualified inspectors will pay close attention to details, ensuring the finished product meets specifications, so you don't have to worry if your connections will hold pressure. 


Star Pipe Service also has the ability to reface some of the Hi Torque/double shoulder connections that are becoming more popular; such as XT, HT, DS, and VX. 


Don't hesitate to call us to see if we have the tools for the size and type of connections that will meet your needs. 


Star Pipe Service has commercial sandblasting equipment which is normally used to sandblast miscellaneous painted equipment prior to inspection and/or painting.


It is essential that painted equipment first be sandblasted for the kind of inspection desired.


Our sandblasting equipment is portable or it can be done at our Oklahoma City yard, conveniently located just three blocks north of I-240 at 7100 S. Bryant Ave.


Many times it is preferred that casing and liners be sandblasted at the wellsites prior to pipe being ran into the well, to afford a better cement job. We can do it. 


Why not give us a try and let Star Pipe Service take care of your sandblasting needs.

Hardness Testing

Hardness testing is valuable in helping to determine the strength (or grade) of a material, since hardness and tensile strength go hand in hand.


Hardness is a characteristic of a material, not a fundamental physical property. It is defined as the resistance to indentation, and it is determined by measuring the permanent depth of the indentation. More simply put, when using a fixed force (load) and a given indenter, the smaller the indentation, the harder the material. Indentation hardness value is obtained by measuring the depth or the area of the indentation.*


Star Pipe Service's hardness testing equipment measures to the Rockwell C scale. This is easily converted to a Brinell number if necessary.


When preparing to make a measurement for hardness; filing a clean, smooth, flat area is required to remove any decarburized material to ensure accuracy. Proper calibration is done before taking readings.


Our efficient inspectors are ready to help you determine the hardness values of any material you have in question.



Hoisting Tools & Miscellaneous Equipment

Our competent employees at Star Pipe Service have the know how to inspect all kinds of different equipment and drilling components. 


We offer certificates of inspections which can help satisfy your insurance companies safety concerns about your drilling rig.

Star Pipe Service can inspect the following:

  • Top drives

  • Elevators

  • Bales

  • Hooks

  • Traveling blocks

  • Sheaves

  • Fluid ends

  • Brake bands

  • Shafts

  • Monel material 

  • Swivels

  • Swivel mandrels

  • Swivel box 

  • Swivel sub

  • Kelly cock 

  • Kelly (Full length)

  • Kelly 

  • Kelly spinner 

  • Derricks

  • Substructures and more

  • NDT inspection techniques employed may be:

  • Visual - Dimensional

  • Magnaglo - Zyglo

  • Dye penetrant

  • Magnetic particle

  • Ultrasonic

ASNT Corporate Member

API Thread Gauging

Thread gauging is a process where specialized gauges are used to measure the lead, height, and taper of a machined thread for acceptance of required specifications.


Specifications used may be from the American Petroleum Institute (API) or a manufacturer, depending on the thread type. 


Star Pipe Service always uses API-approved gauges. 


Thread gauging should be an important consideration on deep wells, especially on large diameter casing. The larger pipe diameters are likely to exhibit ovality. This can cause improper make-up, thread damage and failure.


Before thread gauging, connections must be thoroughly cleaned. Any burrs, raised metal, or thread roughness must be properly smoothed to ensure accuracy of measurements.


Trust Star Pipe when you need extra assurance that your pipe is ready for proper make-up, and torque. 


We are highly proficient at these techniques.

Ultrasonic NDE**

Our trade name for ultrasonic inspection of the slip/upset areas on drill pipe is called "Ultra-Scan." This equipment was first designed in 1992 by J.C. Houck. It was built, developed and perfected here at Star Pipe Service.


This inspection is to detect transverse flaws on the inside and outside surfaces of the tube or imperfections within the pipe body wall. The area inspected is 2 feet from the pin upset and 3 feet from the box upset. Not only does our precise ultra-scan inspection equipment find and pin point cracks; it will also locate pinholes, porosity, inclusions, mill defects, etc. for evaluation and prove-up.


When performing this critical inspection process, it is necessary to remove dirt, grease, and excessive rust from the outside surface of the areas to be inspected. Sometimes this may require pressure washing for adequate cleaning and accuracy of inspection. 


Ultra-Scan inspection is typically done in conjunction with a full-length drill pipe tube scan (CAT 5),

however it can be a stand alone inspection service upon request. 


Don't fret! Star Pipe Service's expert inspector's can ease your conscience about your slip/upset areas. Give us a call.


**(NDE) Non-Destructive Evaluation


Use of Handheld Ultrasonic Instruments

  •     Preliminary wall thickness measurements for drill pipe inspection

  •     Prove up of located imperfections

  •     Thickness measurements of miscellaneous equipment

  •     Defect detection

Pipe Rack Rental & Hotshot Service

Star Pipe has both 36 inch and 18 inch pipe racks available for rent.


Star Pipe Service can also deliver pipe racks and/or equipment with our hotshot trucks and trailers.


Please call for pricing.

REMEMBER: It is essential that painted equipment first be sandblasted

 for the kind of inspection desired.


NOTE: Some equipment may require full breakdown for certificates of inspection.


So... when in doubt about your equipment, let "Star Pipe" check it out.

Shoulder Refacing
API Thread Gauging
Hardness & Ultrasonic
Hoisting Tools
Pipe Rack Rental
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